Samuel Andres - September 24, 2023

The Unity, Not Uniformity, of the Body

I. Unity in the Spirit, Not Uniformity. 1 Cor 12:12-14 | II. Interdependence, Not Independence. 1 Cor 12:15-20 | III. Indispensable Members, Not Super-Members. 1 Cor 12:21-26

Scripture References: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26


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2023 Anniversary Celebration Review

2023 Anniversary Celebration Review

What did we celebrate?
Back on Saturday, September 16th Kings Cross Church celebrated the 71st year of 2nd Baptist Church existence, the 10th year of Kings Cross existence and the 1st year of the merger between the two Churches.

The Birth of Emmanuel Church

The Birth of Emmanuel Church

The name “church planting” is a misnomer; nobody plants a church. It’s not as if you go to the nearest garden center, pick out a small yet somewhat mature plant, then take it home and put it in the ground. No, getting a church to the point of flourishing—even existing—takes far more work.

5 Core Identities



We live to delight in Christ



We labor to declare His cross



We display His love to one another



We display His love to our neighbors



We learn to follow Christ from Scripture

Who We Are

We exist to seek first Christ and His kingdom,
for the glory of God,
and the joy of all nations and generations.

King’s Cross Church is a spiritual family united by the good news that “God saves sinners.”  This good news of the gospel is about God.  Saving is what God does. Sinners are who He saves.

Our mission is to multiply gospel-centered disciples and churches to be worshipers who delight in Christ, witnesses who declare His cross, and servants and family who display His love.

If you join us on Sundays expect to find welcoming people, singing, praying, and Bible teaching that shows how seeing Jesus in the whole Bible can transform your whole life.


Discover ways to grow with our church community. Click on the options below.

Sunday Worship

10:00AM @ 1945 E 2nd St
Defiance Ohio

Gospel Life Groups

Bringing the gospel into everyday life (about 12-20 people)

Discipleship Groups

Forming disciples who make disciples
(about 2-5 people)

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1. Downloading the free Church Center app in your phone’s app store.Search for churches in Defiance, Ohio and select King’s Cross Church. Then make sure to join the “KCC General Announcements” under the messages tab in the app to receive updates.

2. Checking out the “KCC Loop” where you will find weekly updates about what we have going on at King’s Cross Church.