Children’s Ministry

At King’s Cross, we love kids as a gift from God (Ps. 127:3) and that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the home. All children are welcome to join us throughout the worship gathering, but we understand if parents of young children need a break. Children’s ministry is not just a second-rate ministry or free childcare but rather fulfilling the Great Commission to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20). It serves children by introducing them to the Creator of the universe as well as ministers to parents by allowing them to be edified by the preaching of God’s Word.

We Offer Childcare for Children from Infant Through 2nd Grade:

Nursery (ages 0-2)

Childcare for infants ages 0-2 years old is available during the entire worship gathering in the Education wing. Parents can check-in and drop off children at the entrance to the Education wing. We also have a Mother’s Lounge located by the restrooms that has couches, a changing table, some toys, and the worship gathering streaming. Of course, you’re welcome to have your baby or toddler in the worship gathering the whole time.

King’s Kids (ages 3 – 2nd grade)

King’s Kids is our children’s ministry that takes place in the second half of the worship gathering. We take a short break prior to the sermon to dismiss children ages 3 to 2nd grade and their parents to register for King’s Kids at the check in stations near the nursery. We split them into three classes: 3-4 class, 5-6 class, 7-8 class. All classrooms are located in the upstairs of the Educational wing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Every child going to both the nursery or King’s Kids must be checked in at the Child Check-in Station at the entrance to the Education wing. Checking in your child is simple and safe, and we will have a volunteer at the station to help you. We use an electronic check-in system that prints out a name tag and security tag. You are welcome to check-in your child at any time, but remember that nursery and King’s Kids are during the second half of the worship gathering (teaching time) only and will be dismissed prior to the sermon. Parents will need to present their security ticket to the volunteer at the entrance of the Education wing in order to check out their child.


Children need to be potty trained and able to be in a class for the sermon time to be in King’s Kids. We encourage parents to take their child to the bathroom before class starts, but we do have a restroom in the 3-4 classroom as well as another restroom in the hallway close to the other classrooms. At this time, we don’t hand out snacks.

How will I be contacted if my child needs me?

In the event that your child in needs parental assistance, you will either receive a text or a volunteer will come get you. So please have your phone one you just in case. As a safety protocol, we keep the door to the Education wing locked during the worship gathering. Mothers of nursery children will need to have a children’s ministry volunteer to let you in.


King’s Kids is not just childcare but an intentional time to teach children about Jesus using “The Gospel Project“. We sing Christ-exalting songs, memorize Scripture, see how stories from the Bible point to Jesus, do a craft/activity, and end with prayer time. We believe the teaching in King’s Kids on Sunday plants seeds in the hearts of children, but the real growth comes through intentional watering from parents and guardians. If you ever have any questions about what we teach or the songs and activities we use, please let us know.

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