Every Christian needs to be equipped for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:11). One way of doing this is through our weekly worship gathering (specifically through preaching God’s Word, singing theologically rich songs, and affirming historical creeds). We also encourage involvement in Gospel Life Groups and Discipleship Groups for discipleship and accountability. The purpose of Equipping Classes is to equip the people to grow deeper with the Lord by offering classes on various subjects so that they can in turn be able to better understand and apply the Bible to their lives and become a more effective gospel minister and lover of God and people.

Simply put, Equipping Classes are topical, Bible-based instruction given in a classroom setting, usually offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) for 12 weeks. We offer classes for all ages, but we only recently have been recording the adult Equipping Classes (see below). Some of the topics we have offered over the past few years are How to Study the Bible, Making Sense of the Old Testament, Apologetics, and Parenting.

The Plan for Fall 2022 Equipping Classes

For Fall 2022, we are changing up Equipping Classes. We are hosting them for all ages at the Second Baptist Church building on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm, as we have been prayerfully considering joining together as one body with the 2nd Baptist congregation. We have several reasons for wanting to change up our routine this fall. First, we want to lay a foundation of gospel-centrality as a church and to build unity around the gospel. Second, we think it’s necessary to build unity between KCC and 2nd Baptist people in a place familiar to them. Third, 2nd Baptist has generously invited KCC to use their building, and KCC is grateful. Until this point, we’ve not had a building available to us to use mid-week. Lastly, it will help us assess our needs for building renovation.

Our plan is to meet every Wednesday from 6-8pm starting September 21st and meet for 9 consecutive weeks We would have a meal as a group at 6pm, probably a mixture of potluck and KCC-funded meals (i.e. tacos, pizza, etc.). Then we will have classes for all ages from 7-8pm. Kids ages 5th grade and under will go to classes and adults will all meet at 7pm in the sanctuary for a 15-minute teaching and then split up into same gender small groups of about 10 people with a group facilitator for discussion and prayer until 8pm.

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