The goal of Gospel Life Groups (GLGs) is to bring the gospel into everyday life as the family of God on the mission of God.

Each GLG gathers together 2-3 times a month in homes to build one another up through prayer, Scripture, and eating together. Each group is made up of between 12-20 people and has the feel of a large family or a mildly rowdy party. We take seriously our call to enjoy one another and grow in our love for each other and for God.

Gospel Life Groups are one of the main avenues for King’s Cross Church members and attendees to express KCC’s Core Identities:

    • We are disciples, so we learn to follow Christ from Scripture. GLGs primarily provide a communal time of scripture study and application to everyday life.  This should be a safe place for believers and non-believers to wrestle with their questions and understanding of God.
    • We are worshippers, so we live to delight in Christ. GLGs are an opportunity to delight in King Jesus through prayer.
    • We are family, therefore we love one another. GLGs are for knowing and being known by one another via fellowship, meals, and participating in each other’s day-to-day lives. While GLGs help provide a space for intentional relationship building, we encourage group members to connect and care for one another beyond the structured GLG meeting times. GLGs are just as much an entrance point into the King’s Cross Church family as Sunday gatherings. Forming smaller Discipleship Groups (DGs) is also encouraged.
    • We are witnesses, so we declare the cross with our words. GLGs are on mission to make disciples together. We look for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors. Through regular service in our communities and making GLG’s a place for those who are not yet Christians to experience the love of Christian community, and learn the truth fo the gospel.
    • We are servants, so we display His love to our neighbors. GLGs are for serving one another as brothers and sisters in Christ as we have needs.  Serving can be as simple as visiting one another in the hospital, taking meals to those going through hard times, assisting with childcare, or writing a letter of encouragement or comfort. We also look for opportunities to serve Defiance together as a group. GLGs are encouraged to adopt a mission in the community to remain outward looking to love our neighbors in word and deed.