the Crescent News is Helping get the Word out about our YMCA move

The Defiance Crescent Newspaper was kind enough to help us inform the community about our worship gatherings at the Defiance YMCA, starting Sunday, October 4 at 10am. Tim McDonough interviewed Rich Seward from the YMCA, Matt Parks, and me about the details of our move.

Rich is quoted saying, “I think it’s important to remember the origins of our founding, there’s a ‘C’ in YMCA that stands for Christian, and a lot of people forgot what that ‘C’ stands for in our name. It’s important to put Christian principles into what our ‘Y’ does, and for people to know this isn’t the first church we’ve had planted here over the years. Having a church here helps us to maintain our focus on what we’re supposed to be doing.  This partnership allows a church like King’s Cross, which doesn’t have a permanent structure to use us, and help further both our missions.  Sam is one of the most even-keeled people you’ll ever meet, and the people from King’s Cross have been gracious and easy to work with. Our visions to make a difference in the community really line up, which makes working together even easier.”

Let’s give thanks to God for how this has all worked out in God’s providence.  We already had our eyes open for another worship space since the Stroede center was getting tight. Now we have a gym so large that we’re only using half of it and plenty of room for the Lord to bring more people our way if He so chooses.  It’s clear that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between King’s Cross Church and the YMCA. Praise Jesus!

If you have a Crescent subscription you can read the whole article here.