Post written by Becca Rupp.

King’s Cross is excited to announce our fall semesters of Embrace Life and Embrace Grace! The goal of this two-part ministry is to provide robust support for local mothers. In a post-Roe world, the church is more important than ever. Our Embrace ministries are just one of the ways that King’s Cross puts rubber to the road on loving both the unborn and their parents, especially when circumstances are tough.

Some moms register for our classes because they are working on a plan for reunification with their children currently placed in foster care. Other moms are single parents and find themselves needing a lot of added support. Other moms attend as part of the protocol for Recovery Services programming. Still, other moms are members of KCC and just need community in a time that can feel isolating. While Embrace programming is specifically tailored for single women in unplanned pregnancies, all moms are welcome regardless of their relationship status or the age of their children. 

On the national level, Embrace exists as a “bridge” ministry. It partners with hundreds of churches and parachurch organizations to link women who receive community services with a specific local church. When community partners encourage their clients to connect with Christians, it can be hard for those women to know where to start. They may not know which church to choose, or may not feel comfortable initiating that relationship. Clients may be coming from difficult situations and be carrying a lot of shame or confusion. Some have had traumatic experiences with Christianity, and others lack the self-confidence to seek friendships among members who seem to have their social groups already.

Embrace ministries meet these women where they are. Our goal is to love them well and equip them for joyful motherhood within the context of God’s people. Women who participate go through spiritual content and receive emotional support, all while building friendships and having fun. At the end of the curriculum, they receive a celebration and will hopefully have found a home here at King’s Cross Church, if they haven’t already.

There are two Embrace ministries at King’s Cross: Embrace Grace and Embrace Life. Each is an 11-week commitment starting in September and ending right around Thanksgiving. Embrace Grace is uniquely designed for pregnant women and culminates in a FREE group baby shower thrown for the mothers who complete at least 80% of the program. Look for announcements on how to donate gifts and when to join us for the festivities to bless these mamas!

Embrace Life is the follow-up programming to Embrace Grace. It is for mothers who have already had their children and are walking out the brass tax of parenting. This curriculum focuses on spiritual formation and life skills (hence the name Embrace Life). It’s broken up into two semesters for a total of 22 weeks, and culminates in a retreat called “Adventure Day.” Look for announcements if you’d like to share your testimony or help celebrate these mothers.

Because these support groups function like 11-week courses, it’s important that any interested mother register online so that we can order the right number of workbooks and begin planning the end-of-semester celebrations. Registration is open 3 weeks before kickoff, and remains open for 3 weeks after kickoff. Once registration is closed, any new participant will need to wait for the next Fall semester to participate. 

**We know that pregnancy timing means that a Fall semester may be tricky for some expectant mothers. Embrace Grace is open to any woman as long as she is either pregnant or within 6 months of having given birth. After that, we ask that moms register for Embrace Life instead. 

The 2022 season kicks off with Embrace Grace (for pregnant women) meeting every Tuesday, 7-8:30pm from September 6- November 15 at the King’s Cross Commons. Participants can register for Embrace Grace HERE.

Embrace Life (for current mothers) will meet every Monday from 5:30-7pm at the Commons from September 12-November 21. Participants can register for Embrace Life HERE.

Volunteers are still needed in the following areas:

  • Co-leader: Leads just 3 of the 11 meetings for either group. Provides a break for the Main leader and can serve as a sub if needed in an emergency. *Co-leaders are welcome to attend all 11 meetings, but are only obligated to help with 3 sessions. They can commit to just Embrace Grace, Embrace Life, or a mix of both to provide respite for the entire ministry team. 
  • Childcare: Babysitters would provide care in their own homes. Embrace moms will receive a roster of phone numbers they can call if they need childcare and would coordinate that privately with anyone willing to volunteer. 
  • Special events: Many hands are needed for the end-of-semester celebrations. If you enjoy gifting baby items, decorating, baking, etc. please reach out when sign-ups are announced!

Please be praying over this unique ministry. Contact Becca Rupp at with any questions or to sign up to help.