It’s with sad and heavy hearts that we lift up our brothers and sisters in prayer. Due to food shortages largely because of climate-related extreme weather conditions, Malawi (home to nearly 20 million people) is facing a hunger crisis. We have specifically been praying for the church planters we‘ve supported through the African Church Planting Initiative (ACPI) in light of the inflation and multiple crop failures and our hearts are burdened to give to food relief. To learn more about the vision of the ACPI to capacitate indigenousness leaders to establish sustainable churches, visit

Even the best laid plans can fail when the weather and inflation are against you. But we believe in the power of prayer and a God who cares and provides for His children. Because of the urgency of this hunger crisis, the KCC Council of Elders have decided to send $1,000 from our general fund to provide emergency food reserves. For those who feel led, we are asking for our members and regular attenders to give to this hunger relief for our brothers and sisters in Malawi so that the churches can extend the blessing to their neighbors who are also suffering.

How You Can Help

There are two primary ways you can help our brothers and sisters in Malawi:

  1. PRAY for physical and spiritual strength. Pray for the suffering families in Malawi and especially our ministry partners: Innocent, Lawrence, Spliano, and Blessings. 
  2. GIVE the gift of food to hungry Malawians. The best way to help is to give to KCC, who will forward these funds through the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches to trusted African ACPI partners who will then distribute bags of corn (the staple of the Malawian diet). KCC will be collecting funds for the rest of March. You can give on Sunday mornings (note “Malawi Hunger Relief” on check/cash envelope), or you can give on KCC’s giving webpage through the Malawi Hunger Relief giving tab.