Life in God’s Image

Guest post by Becca R.

Our church cares about the issue of abortion because we believe human life begins at the conception of a child, and that every life is precious because every person is made in the image of God. The lives of babies in the womb are precious to God. The lives of mothers carrying babies are precious to God.

Issue 1 in Ohio is about whether to extend abortion rights to all nine months of pregnancy, along other things. With Issue 1, Ohio Voters will decide whether to enshrine a host of reproductive rights into its constitution this November.

Issue 1 Outreach 2023

What should believers consider as they enter the ballot box?

First: the language of this amendment is explicitly written in order to mislead. As bastions of truth and clarity, believers should understand the amendment language and be willing to tell their neighbors. Abortion advocates have been working for decades to redefine seemingly innocuous words so that even moderates on the issue will find themselves supporting the most extreme measures, usually by accident.

Issue 1 Signs 2023

There are three main concerns for the language of the ballot:

It Threatens Parental Consent

The amendment focuses on the rights of “individuals” and not “women.” This is done intentionally, so as to encompass males, females, adults, and minors. This new language means that not just access, but a constitutional right to a host of life-altering decisions would be guaranteed to anyone of any gender, at any age without any interference from the authorities. States with similar amendments have ruled all parental consent laws to be unconstitutional. The authors of the amendment have been clear that they believe parental consent laws violate reproductive rights, and they are directly working to repeal parent involvement across the U.S. in everything from abortion to gender transition.

It Protects the Abortion Industry, Not Women

Section B goes out of its way to limit the state’s oversight of the abortion industry. What this means practically is that abusers would be enabled and health and safety regulations would be nearly impossible to enforce. In Michigan where a similar amendment passed last year, Planned Parenthood is already working to eliminate the need for abortion clinics to be licensed as surgical sites and writing bills to make abortions taxpayer-funded through Medicaid. Other side effects of this kind of ballot language are boyfriends slipping their girlfriends abortion pills in their drinks, sex-trafficking victims being given abortions “no questions asked,” and women dying from abortion complications due to lack of emergency protocol.

It Destroys All Limits on Abortion

Issue 1 goes drastically further than Roe by eliminating viability limits on abortion. Proponents achieve this in two ways: by redefining “viability” in Section C, and by including “health” exemptions. People are used to “viability” meaning around 22 – 24 weeks (as Roe recognized), but this amendment defines viability as something to be determined on a case-by-case basis, and allows the abortion provider to be the one making that call. This is a huge conflict of interest. It’s also language specifically used to create a smokescreen because the amendment also allows for post-viability abortions to save the mother’s “health.” The Supreme Court case Doe v. Bolton ruled that “health” exemptions for abortion can be anything from emotional wellbeing to social status. This renders any limit on abortion meaningless; a mother can legally report “feeling stressed” as a sufficient reason to kill a perfectly healthy, viable baby, in a medically uncomplicated pregnancy, and this has been true since 1973. As a result, anywhere from 70%-91% of abortions nationwide are for reasons like these.

How Can You Bring Clarity?

Believers should utterly reject the premises of Issue 1 as we fight for the safety of women and children

While voting is essential, one additionally crucial role we have regarding Issue 1 is bringing clarity to others. While this amendment does not represent pro-life Ohioans at all, around 80% of all Americans support gestational limits on abortion, which includes pro-choice voters. This means that Issue 1 represents only the most extreme members of the pro-abortion movement, and is written to deceive even pro-choice Ohioans. So, how can you be a light in the darkness? How can you bring clarity where there is confusion?

Fast and pray

Ohioans everywhere are fasting and praying from now until Nov. 7th. Pray every day at 7:14am and 7:14pm (time inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14). Remember, we do not wage war against flesh and blood, but against “the cosmic powers over this present darkness” (Ephesians 6:12). We do not trust in horses and chariots, but we trust in the name of Lord our God, who sees these atrocities and goes into battle with us.

Vote early

Campaign efforts are trying to get information into people’s hands, but this can be expensive. Every day that you don’t vote costs organizations like Protect Women Ohio around $3/voter in your household. Voting early is one the best ways to ensure that resources are directed only at people still undecided. Early voting starts Oct. 11th: check here for specific early voting days and times.

Get the word out

“Vote NO” signs are available in the KCC lobby; take as many as you need to share with coworkers, family, etc. Becca R. is the Defiance County coordinator for Created Equal; an organization that will equip you to go door-to-door or to make phone calls about this issue. (You can volunteer, or sign up for paid positions starting around $15/hr). Fill out this form to sign up.

Attend King’s Cross Events

KCC is hosting a night of pro-life equipping Oct 15th, 2023 at 6pm in the sanctuary that is open to the entire community. Bring your friends! We are also hosting a formal “Super Saturday” to go door-knocking through Defiance on Oct. 21st, 2023.