Jesus is Lord

Most every year KCC has given the Sunday offering on Thanksgiving weekend to our Compassion Fund, which goes toward helping people in our congregation and local community. That means our church budget is based on 51 weeks of giving, not 52. However, this year our Compassion Fund is well resourced. So we’re planning to give the Thanksgiving offering to a place of more extreme need.  

KCC is giving the Thanksgiving weekend offering to the Southern Africa Church Planting (SACPI) Initiative for hunger alleviation and/or to resource church planters.  For us, COVID-19 has been distracting and frustrating, but in parts of Africa COVID-19 has been devastating and led to extreme hunger. Sometimes it’s good to put our difficulties in perspective.  COVID has been difficult in many ways for us, but it pales in comparison to what we read about from our brothers and sisters in Africa. The government in some African nations have restricted people from working and it has led many families to the brink of starvation. 

What is the Southern Africa Church Planting (SACPI)?

The SACPI is an organization that partners with native African pastors to plant churches and provide economic development opportunities for rural communities in southern Africa. I love how the SACPI has a focus on both feeding the soul through getting the gospel out in church planting, and feeding the body through equipping people to provide for themselves with micro-loans.  SACPI was forged by Pastor Matt Boyers from Crossroads Evangelical Church through godly pastors he has met over the years in Africa. The SACPI is now a global footprint initiative in our denomination, the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches.  

The SACPI’s mission is to plant sustainable and reproducing churches is realized through three initiatives:  training leaders, planting churches, and resourcing communities.

The hope is to plant 4-6 congregations each year in the 6-country area of southern Africa which includes Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, and South Africa. KCC loves what is happening through the SACPI, and we hope to commit 1% of our 2021 budget to this work, and we are going to pray for these church plants. 

Jesus is Lord

The Arcturus Church body in Zimbabwe fellowshipping together after services.

What Is the Urgent Need Now? 

For the Thanksgiving offering we are going to join Crossroads in Wauseon in doing an emergency food distribution in Zimbabwe in the area of the new church plant, Murombedzi, which has been hit hard by hunger.   Also, we are leaving freedom for the leaders of SACPI to decide whether they want to use some of our offering to support partial scholarships for church planting residents to get theological education.   Scholarships are 75% of the full cost of tuition.  This totals $1350 per student per year for two years. 

So on Sunday, November 29 all regular giving will go to help these pastors and church planters feed their families and congregations, and wherever local leaders see greatest need.  To contribute, give your cash and checks as usual to KCC, or give online.  Our treasurer, Chad Baus, will send one big check to FEC for the SACPI.  

Also, note that for the entire month of December KCC is going to do a Malawi Christmas generosity drive. This will be given to the Pastoral Institute of Africa, led by Pastor Robert Manda, and their similar needs for hunger alleviation and church planting mobilization. More on that to come in the month of December.  

Let’s give generously with a heavenly perspective. These are our eternal brothers and sisters facing legitimate suffering right now. We have the opportunity to do good. So let’s do it! 

your abundance at the present time should supply their need, so that their abundance may supply your need, that there may be fairness. 2 Corinthians 8:14