At King’s Cross, we believe all children are a gift from God (Ps. 127:3). We also believe that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the home and we are stewards of these gifts. So we gladly welcome children in our Sunday Morning Worship Gathering! Last Sunday as my two-year old was sitting on my lap during the sermon, I was soaking up her cuteness and cuddles until she decided that she didn’t want to sit on my lap anymore. Then the battle was on. I only remember parts of the sermon from that point on. That said, we want children to feel welcomed and included in our worship gathering, but we also understand if parents of young children sometimes need a break.

Children’s ministry is not just a second-rate ministry or free childcare but rather fulfilling the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 to make gospel-centered disciples of Jesus. It serves children by introducing them to the Creator of the universe as well as ministers to parents by allowing them to be edified by the preaching of God’s Word. Though we have temporarily suspended nursery and King’s Kids since March, we still believe ministry to children is important. So we are pleased to re-launch our children’s ministry starting this week. However, it will be a bit different.

The nursery will be available for the entire worship gathering for ages 0-2 and King’s Kids will be during the sermon for ages 3-5. At this time, we will not have a King’s Kids class for K-2nd grade as we have had in the past. But we will have activity packets for elementary-aged children available on a table on the back wall of the worship space.

At this point you might have questions, such as:

  • Where are the classrooms? Are they safe, secure, and clean?
  • How are you going to practice social distancing?
  • Will my child have to wear a mask?
  • What is the drop off/pick up process like?
  • What about bathroom breaks and snacks?

These are good and vital questions to be answered, so let me try to give you a glimpse of what children’s ministry will look like at KCC.

Where do I check-in my child?

The nursery is located in the YMCA Youth Center lobby. King’s Kids will be held in the auxiliary gym (the older, smaller gym by the locker rooms). We are using a new electronic check-in system that is safe and reliable, especially for visitors. The check-in station will also be in the Youth Center lobby by the nursery. As soon as you walk into the Youth Center entrance, look for the big sign for child check-in to the left. A children’s ministry volunteer will be behind the check-in table to assist you. Whether you are checking in your child to the nursery or King’s Kids, when you first arrive or during the 5 minute greeting time during the gathering, this table will be used for both.

HOW do I check-in my child?

Checking in your child is pretty simple. There are two tablets for self-check in and a manned station with a children’s ministry worker for visitors.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Enter the last four digits of your phone number on the Tablet prompt and it will pull up your entire household.

2. Check Mark the boxes of the children you want to check in.

NOTE: You can only check in children who fit within the class age range (ages 0-2 for Nursery and ages 3-5 for King’s Kids).

3. Click the “check-in” button on the bottom right and it will print your name tags and security badge.

NOTE: You will need to present this security badge to the King’s Kids and Nursery workers upon pick up in order to check out your child. So please don’t lose your ticket.

And that’s it! Your children are checked in and ready to go. Nursery-aged children can go right into the nursery. Children checked into King’s Kids will be dismissed during the worship gathering. If this is your first time at King’s Cross or your child’s info is not in our system, there will be a manned station with a children’s ministry volunteer to get you signed in.

What COVID-19 precautions will you take?

We want to be careful without being fearful, so we are still going to put in practice some precautions to put parents’ minds at ease. All children’s ministry workers will wear a mask, but children are not required to wear a mask. We will routinely disinfect toys, crayon boxes, and other surfaces. We will encourage the use of hand sanitizer with each child upon class arrival. We will keep children on their own carpet squares and spread out as much as possible. King’s Kids will be in a large gym so they will have plenty of room. We will also remind them not to touch each other as much as reasonably possible.

What about bathroom breaks and snacks?

We will not be giving out any snacks, but we will have individual water bottles available for the children. We encourage parents to take their child to the bathroom before class starts. We cannot stress this enough. According to our Child Protection Policy, nursery workers can change diapers of children in the nursery, but children in King’s Kids will need parental assistance. In the event that your child in King’s Kids needs to go to the bathroom, you will receive a text from the teacher. So please have your phone one you. 

What will be class structure in King’s Kids?

King’s Kids is not just childcare but an intentional time to teach children about Jesus. The general format will be to start with some “wiggle” activities or a song to help get energy out because focused activities. You can listen to these songs on Spotify: King’s Kids Sing Along, King’s Kids Dance, and Seeds Family Worship. There will be a time for taking prayer requests and teaching children the importance of prayer. There will be a monthly memory verse that the children will learn together as well as a teaching time. This fall we will be teaching through the Big Picture Story Bible. If you ever have any questions about what we teach or the songs and activities we use, please let us know. As time allows, there will be more fun activities, singing songs, and coloring time until parents pick up their children. Again, parents will need to present their security ticket in order to check out their child.