Post written by Chelsea Andres

Teaching King’s Crew has been a blast. The kids of this church family are so precious and so very smart. I can see the work parents are putting into teaching their kids at home in every question answered bright and early Sunday mornings. What I celebrate most is the beautiful gospel foundation they have. They are not the kind of kids who answer questions with “Jesus!” because they don’t know what to say. They really know when he is the only true and right answer. 

One new aspect King’s Crew is learning is how to find books in the Bible. With each song we learn there is Scripture to study alongside it. And because the Bible is one whole story, we look at other passages in Scripture that support what we are learning through the song. Finding all these books in the Bible is a skill which takes lots of time and familiarity. I encourage anyone still finding it tricky to master this skill to follow these steps we do in King’s Crew.

1. Memorize the order of the books by learning a song.Our favorite Bible book song at home is by Shai Linne. It not only goes through the books three times but also starts off slow, progressively going faster with each round. This is such a fun challenge for any age. It’s scientific that rhythm aids memory and this song is full of it. 

2. In which Testament is it?
When I want the kids to look up a passage, I always ask if the book we seek is in the New or Old Testament. The context of our discussion is a clue. Are we talking about a story that happened before Jesus first came or after?  If they are not sure, I ask a question like that, along the historical spectrum. It never takes them long to guess; though, with 50/50 odds, it shouldn’t. Ha!

3. Don’t be ashamed to use the Table of Contents.
The Table of Contents is a wonderful tool. By using it regularly, you can see where a particular book fits within the whole Bible–which books are next to it and which Testament it is in. Kids are already learning to use content pages in other school subjects so it is a perfect tool for them, too.

These three tips are used every Sunday morning with the kids of King’s Crew. Drill them on it at home! When you memorize Fighter Verses with the family or on your own, ask one of the kids to find the verse. Once they find the book, we next find the right chapter (big number or first number in the reference) and–with an index finger–find the tiny number (or second number in the reference) among all the text. 

Kids who master this skill early on are more apt to follow along with sermons, feel more confident about their biblical understanding, and feel closer to the God who speaks to them.