Joy ACPI Generosity


We are excited that the church sanctuary, lobby, and bathrooms are being renovated! A building is a tool for the mission, and these renovations are about maintaining and updating this particular tool. Second Baptist has had a legacy of gospel outreach through this building for over half a century, and we want to continue that legacy in our generation. 

We are not adding any square footage this year, though we hope to add to the sanctuary in the future.  This year, the stage and bathrooms will be made larger. The lobby will be more open. The lighting, windows, paint, and carpet will be updated. Boyers Construction is our general contractor.


January 28th will be the first Sunday meet at the Fellowship Hall for our Sunday worship gathering at our normal 10am time. We’ll meet there each Sunday during the renovation of the lobby, sanctuary, and bathrooms of the 2nd St. building, probably for about 4 months.


Our plan is to set up 250 chairs in the Fellowship Hall (the current chair set up in the sanctuary is around 270). This setup will allow ample aisle space and open floor space at the back (south) end of the Fellowship Hall and in the future kitchen as well. Our average attendance the past few months has been about 220 people, including children. We haven’t had a Sunday with more than 250 people in 6 months (though we’ve come close). And we are well under 200 people during the sermon time. So it could be tight, but we should have enough space. We’ll just have to press into our core identity that we are family. We are not planning to have multiple services, but we are open to the possibility if needed.


The main entrance will be the middle door on the parking lot side (west side). All doors can be used as exits. 


We are still offering nursery (0-2 years old) for the whole worship gathering and King’s Kids (ages 3 to 2nd grade) during the teaching time when we worship in the Fellowship Hall.

Nursery — The nursery will be in the Education Wing as usual.

Check-in/Drop off: Parents can drop their babies and toddlers off at the nursery directly via the double-doors in the breezeway between the 2nd St. lobby and Education Wing. There will be a check-in station at the Education Wing as well as nursery workers already there by 9:45am on Sundays. For security purposes, these double-doors will be locked all morning, but there will a safety team member at that door at all times. So parents will be able to get into the Education Wing at any time if needed.

Checkout/Pick-up: Parents will need to check out their children in person at the Education Wing. Please bring the security tag from check-in so that there isn’t any confusion, especially since we have newer families that the nursery workers may not yet know.

NOTE: We understand if parents have reservations about being in a separate building from their children, so we do have a Mother’s Room in the KCC counseling rooms (see map above). As always, you are welcome to have your child in the worship gathering with you.

King’s Kids — All King’s Kids classes are in the Education Wing.

Check-in: Check-in will be located in the future kitchen (labeled “lobby” on map). Parents can check in their children at the tablets and get their printed security tags. There will also be a manned station in the “kitchen/lobby” for assistance if needed.

Drop off (during greeting break): We will still dismiss King’s Kids midway through the worship gathering. Rather than parents bringing their children over to the Education Wing, they can drop them off in the “kitchen/lobby” area. At the start of the sermon, all King’s Kids classes (along with their teachers and helpers) will exit through the west KCC office door and walk across the parking lot to the Education Wing.

Pick-up (after worship gathering): Parents will need to check out their children in person at the Education Wing. Please bring the security tag from check-in so that there isn’t any confusion, especially since we have newer families that the nursery workers may not yet know.


Renovations to the 2nd St. building are slated to begin January 29th, so we will host work days for the next month in preparation. That means we can use as many hands to help move stuff and come to demolition days as possible. If you’re willing and able, please mark your calendar for the following dates:

Saturday, January 20, 8am-noon: Organize and Clean the Fellowship Hall

Sunday, January 21, after the worship gathering: Move to the Fellowship Hall
After the worship gathering, we can use as much help as possible moving OUT of the sanctuary and INTO the fellowship hall.  We’ll be moving chairs, items on the stage and closets, and furniture in the lobby. Bring trucks.

Monday, January 22, 5-8pm: Set up in the Fellowship Hall
In particular, we need the tech team to help set up the A/V system.

Saturday, January 27, 8am-noon: Demolition day at the 2nd St. building

Saturday, February 3: 8am-noon: Demolition day at the 2nd St. building


It’s an exciting time, so we hope you expect to be encouraged that the Lord is growing our church body. With all the changes we must extend grace toward one another. You can still expect the worship gathering to be pretty much the same as it has been. Expect people to greet you warmly at the door. It may be a bit tight, so please squeeze in and move toward the middle of the rows to create more room for visitors and families with kids. We will still have coffee, a 5-minute break for greeting, and conversations with one another. The church is the people, it’s only the meeting place that is temporarily changing.