Malawi Hunger Drive, SUSA, CM Meeting, Good Friday, & Lily Creek Farms

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Samuel Andres - March 17, 2024

The Falling of the gods

Outline: I. All Counterfeit gods Will Fall | II. All Proud People Will Be Humbled | III. Everyone Will Know There Is None Like the LORD our God

Scripture References: Exodus 7:14-25, Exodus 8:1-32, Exodus 9:1-35, Exodus 10:1-29


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Weekly Fighter Verse

Psalm 100:4-5
Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name! For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

Weekly New City Catechism

Question 5: What else did God create?

Answer*: God created all things by his powerful Word, and all his creation was very good; everything flourished under his loving rule.

*Children’s answer is the bold text

Next Sunday's Sermon Text

Exodus 11:1-10 (ESV)

The Lord said to Moses, “Yet one plague more I will bring upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt. Afterward he will let you go from here. When he lets you go, he will drive you away completely. Speak now in the hearing of the people, that they ask, every man of his neighbor and every woman of her neighbor, for silver and gold jewelry.” And the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover, the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants and in the sight of the people.

So Moses said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘About midnight I will go out in the midst of Egypt, and every firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who sits on his throne, even to the firstborn of the slave girl who is behind the handmill, and all the firstborn of the cattle. There shall be a great cry throughout all the land of Egypt, such as there has never been, nor ever will be again. But not a dog shall growl against any of the people of Israel, either man or beast, that you may know that the Lord makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.’ And all these your servants shall come down to me and bow down to me, saying, ‘Get out, you and all the people who follow you.’ And after that I will go out.” And he went out from Pharaoh in hot anger. Then the Lord said to Moses, “Pharaoh will not listen to you, that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt.”

Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh, and the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and he did not let the people of Israel go out of his land.

KCC Church Family
Updates and Events

KCC Loop Hunger Drive

Malawi Hunger Relief Drive

You Can Give Until Sunday, March 31st (Easter Sunday)

It’s with sad and heavy hearts that we lift up our brothers and sisters in prayer. Due to food shortages largely because of climate-related extreme weather conditions, Malawi (home to nearly 20 million people) is facing a hunger crisis. We have specifically been praying for the church planters we’ve supported through the African Church Planting Initiative (ACPI) in light of the inflation and multiple crop failures and our hearts are burdened to give to food relief.

For those who feel led, we are asking for our members and regular attenders to give to this hunger relief for our brothers and sisters in Malawi so that the churches can extend the blessing to their neighbors who are also suffering.

FEC Latest Stories

Church Planting Movement Sweeps Across Southern Africa

People are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ in Southern Africa through God’s work in the Africa Church Planting Initiative (ACPI). Five years ago, the ACPI launched after Matt Boyers and Rocky Rocholl met with John Mutandwa in Zimbabwe to explore ways to bring more Bible-based doctrine to churches that had begun moving away from truth. Today, with the support of over 20 FEC churches, 60 churches have been planted across Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, and, as of next month, Madagascar.

Shared from FEC’s Latest Stories.

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Summer In The USA (SUSA)

We are looking for KCC families willing and able to host teen students from Basque Country as they are here as a part of the Summer in the USA (SUSA) program. The simple act of welcoming students into our homes is a powerful way to allow God’s love to flow through our lives. You can show this life changing hospitality by inviting a Basque student to be part of your family for the month of July. If you have questions or would like to volunteer to house some of the visiting students, please reach out to us or sign up to host by March 26th.

Kid's Corner


Sunday, March 24th | Following the Worship Gathering

KCC Covenant Members will meet immediately following the worship gathering. Childcare and light snacks will be provided. If you’re not a member but are interested in learning more about covenant membership in the local church, click on the button below.

KCC Loop Good Friday 2024

Good Friday Gathering

Friday, March 29th | 7PM-8PM

Join us on Good Friday as we gather in a solemn service to hear and sing about the story and suffering of the cross. Childcare provided for 0-3 years old.

40 Days

Man Camp 2024

Friday, April 5th – Sunday, April 7th @ Miracle Camp, Lawton Michigan

We would like to invite all of the men at KCC to join us for this year’s Man Camp! Throwing hatchets, archery, zip-line, disc golf, trap shooting, and eating incredible food are just a few of the favorite activities at Man Camp. Most importantly, though, it is a great way for guys to grow in their faith alongside other men from KCC, be challenged in their walk with Christ by the chapel speaker, and be able to worship alongside other believers. Join us for the manliest weekend of the year! Bring your teenage boys too. These camps tend to fill up, so register as soon as possible if you would like to join us.

We will be attending Man Camp April 5-7, so make sure you sign-up for Man Camp 3 when you register at . Standard bunk style lodging is $179 and Premium Hotel Style Lodging is $199. Most of us do the bunk style and stay in the same room. Use the code KINGSCROSS to get $10 off. If you sign up, post in the KCC men’s group in the church app to encourage others to go. Please email so we know you are going – this helps us coordinate carpooling.

Youth Bible Quiz Team

Top 25 Bible Quizzers 2024

Front row: from left: Mathias Neilson and Elijah Grunden quizzed out in every one of their 26 matches of the 2024 Bible quiz season and scored 910 points. The next three– Malaki Neilson, Grace Sheldon, and John Hosteter– were just one question shy with 895 points.

Second row: Bekley Stamm, 860 points; Preston Nofziger, 860; Landon Ringenberg, 850; Drew Ringenberg, 830; Elijah Sheldon, 825; Zander Stamm, 825; Hope Sheldon, 820.

Third row: Jeremiah Gibson, 710; Gage Nofziger, 710; Bo King, 735; Cooper Roth, 740; Mackenzie Yenser, 760; Faith Sheldon, 780; Mason Stuckey, 785.

Back row: Eve Crossgrove, 625; Aaron Miller, 650; Max Grunden, 650; Levi Short, 660; Mollie Roth, 685; Brianna Norr, 685.

Ten local teams will join 12 teams from Champaign, Logan, and Wayne counties in Ohio along with 45 teams from the Lancaster, Pa., area, for a tournament at West Liberty High School, March 22-24 – courtesy photo

Top Quiz 2024

Community Events and Needs

CPC Women’s Health Resource

38th Annual Spring Benefit and Silent Auction

CPC’s 38th Annual Spring Benefit and Silent Auction will be held on Tuesday, April 16th at Archbold Evangelical Church (705 Lafayette Street, Archbold, OH 43502). The event will feature a catered meal, a presentation, and opportunities to donate to CPC through a silent auction and offering collection.

Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. The meal will be served at 6 p.m., and the program portion of the event will begin at 7:00 p.m. Please complete the form below to reserve your seat. Registration is $10 per adult (those under 18 get in free). If you have questions about the event, please contact our business office at (419) 636-5692.

Lily Creek Farms Eggstravaganza

Lily Creek Farms

‘Horseback Eggstravaganza’ March 23, 24 ,29, 30 2PM-6PM @ Camp Lakota

Horseback riding, games, and activities for the whole family! Get ready for a day of fun on March 23rd, 24th, 29th, or 30th. Don’t miss out, as this event sells out quickly!

Event Highlights:
Horseback Rides ($15)
Free Trolley Ride
Free Professional Face Painting
Free Live Bunny Exhibit
Bunny Trail Scavenger Hunt ($5)
Concessions Stand ($)
Free Indoor Games/Activities

They are also looking for volunteers who want to help with the event.



Every Sunday | 9:00am

We are reviving a weekly prayer meeting at 9:00am in the Prayer Room/Mother’s Lounge. Everyone is invited to come seek the Lord together and pray for gospel renewal in our church, our community and around the world. Let’s outgrow this room in our devotion to prayer as a church.

“We need a work of the Holy Ghost of a supernatural kind, putting power into the preaching of the Word, inspiring all believers with heavenly energy, and solemnly affecting the hearts of the careless so that they may turn to God and live.” -C. H. Spurgeon, Only a Prayer Meeting.

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