“We don’t bless the Lord always because life is good always; we bless the Lord always because the Lord is good always.” This was the main point of last Sunday’s sermon from Psalm 34. When we go through trials, we sometimes doubt God’s sovereignty or all-powerful character, though the Bible asserts again and again that God is in control. More often in our suffering, we’re likely to doubt His goodness. The question, “If God is all-powerful, why did He allow this to happen?” calls into question God’s goodness, not His sovereignty. The Lord never promised that our lives would be good but that He would be good. If we root God’s goodness in our circumstances, the result undermines His goodness. But if we root His goodness in his objective character, then we will see our lives in a different light. No matter how difficult your life may be, God is still good.

KCC Deacon Commissioning

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Last Sunday we publicly commissioned deacons to serve in KCC. To many people who have come from various church traditions, the word “deacon” carries different connotations. In KCC, a deacon is a “super-servant” who is also able to lead a ministry team of servants in particular areas of church ministry, according to the church’s need (i.e. setup/teardown, benevolence, meals, etc.) as well as individual gifting. We believe that a deacon is an official office in the church, along with pastor/elder. Deacons serve alongside the KCC Elders in practical ways to carry out the mission of the church in making disciples. We also believe the Scriptures allow the office of deacon to be open to men and women in the church. The current KCC Deacons have been tested in their character (according to 1 Timothy 3:8-13) and commitment to lead a team of servants.
Here is the list of current KCC deacons that were publicly recognized:
  • Tim & Bert Shiarla (Deacons of Benevolence)
  • Jeff & Barbara Leatherman (Deacons of Benevolence)
  • Beth Baus (Deacon of Care Ministry)
  • Phil & Robin Nofziger (Deacons of Outreach)
  • Burdette & Jean Meyer (Deacons of Sunday Hospitality)
  • Garrett Atkins (Staff Deacon)
  • Seth & Keri Nofziger (Deacons of Youth Discipleship)

Embrace Grace and Embrace Life

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King’s Cross is excited to announce our fall semesters of Embrace Life and Embrace Grace! The 2022 season kicks off with Embrace Grace (for pregnant women) meeting every Tuesday, 7-8:30pm from September 6th through November 15th at the KCC Office and Commons. Embrace Life (for current mothers) will meet every Monday from 5:30-7pm at the Commons from September 12th through November 21. Volunteers are still needed. Please be praying over this unique ministry. Contact Becca Rupp at ruppfamily423@gmail.com with any questions or to sign up to help. Participants must register by clicking on the corresponding button below.

Fall Equipping Classes
Wednesdays Starting September 21st
6-8pm @ 2nd Baptist Building

Kid's Corner
King’s Cross is planning to have Equipping Classes for all ages at the Second Baptist Church building this fall. We will meet every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm beginning Sept 21 and running until Nov 16 (a total of 9 evenings). There will be a group meal from 6-7pm followed by classes for all ages from 7-8pm, including nursery.
This is likely not a permanent replacement to KCC’s traditional autumn Gospel Life Groups (GLGs). In-home groups will probably return in the spring 2023. However, for those who can’t make it to Wednesday night gatherings, there will be an in-home GLG on Sunday evenings that will go through the same study as the Wednesday adult study. Contact Garrett Atkins for more info about the Sunday GLG.

Community Events

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Defiance United
September 18th @ Family Christian Center, 6PM
A few times a year, Defiance area churches unite together for prayer and worship. The next Defiance United will be Sunday, September 18th @ Family Christian Center (1832 East Second Street Defiance, OH 43512) at 6pm.

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September 9th @ Ironwood Golf Club (Wauseon, OH)
YFC (another one of our ministry partners) is hosting a golf scramble fundraiser on September 9th, 2022. Registration starts at 7:30am and shotgun start at 8am with lunch at the turn. Entry fee is $300 per team ($75 per player). All proceeds will go directly to impacting area teens. For more information on the event or to register, click HERE.

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September 17th @ MacDonald-Ruff Ice Arena (Bryan, OH)
CPC Women’s Health Resource is also hosting another fundraising event in September. You can sign up to run or walk in the Walkathon and 5K Color Run (as well as 1 mile Fun Run for kids) at the MacDonald-Ruff Ice Arena (601 Townline Rd., Bryan, OH) on Saturday, September 17th. The 5K Color Run registration begins at 8am and the Walkathon registration begins at 9am. You can get sponsors to donate money for your run, and there will be prizes for the individuals and teams that raise the most funds. Click HERE for more information or to register.

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QUESTIONSince we are redeemed by grace alone, through faith alone, where does this faith come from?

ANSWER*: All the gifts we receive from Christ we receive through the Holy Spirit, including faith itself.

*Children’s answer is the bold text



1 Peter 4:16 – “Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name.

YOUTH DISCIPLESHIP: Thursdays @ 6:30pm


KCC T-SHIRTS and Water Bottles

We still have KCC t-shirts available in several sizes for $10. There are also some KCC water bottles for $5. These can be purchased at the YMCA on Sunday mornings.


Life is full of things to be discouraged about, and it can be overwhelming. We believe that Jesus offers real help, hope, and healing in the difficulties of life. We believe that the power of God’s Word and Spirit offers hope of life change from the inside out. So we offer biblical counseling to those needing the comfort and wisdom of Scripture. While we believe God can work through various methods of counseling, our lead counselor is certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). We also have pastors and other counselors who have received training from Faith Biblical Counseling, and are able and willing to counsel according to the Scriptures. If you would like to explore meeting with one of our counselors, please fill out the contact form by clicking on the button below and we will try to match you with someone.


We would love to pray for you! Some people think that only major crises of life are worth praying for, but the truth is that everyone needs prayer for something. James 4:2 says that we do not have because we do not ask, and when we do we often have false or impure motives. So the first step is to ask. So please come and let us pray for you in person at our Sunday worship gathering. Or, if you would like prayer now, just click the button below and fill out the form and we will pray for you.


We understand skepticism about online giving, which is why we have an Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions page on our website that explains how it works. Here are a few ways to give :
  1. Give online by clicking on the “GIVE ONLINE” button which takes you to our secure transaction site.
  2. Text (888) 554-8664 to receive a link for you to give.
  3. Send your check or money order by mail, made out to King’s Cross Church, to the King’s Cross Church, 521 W. 2nd St., Defiance, OH 43512.
  4. Drop in giving box on Sundays at the YMCA.


We know that with many businesses and services being shut down, people are losing jobs and struggling to pay their bills. If you are in need of help, we would like to know. We have a Compassion Fund for this reason. Fill out the film below as best you can and we will follow up with you.

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You can stay connected with all that is going on in the life of King’s Cross by signing up to receive KCC text alerts or the KCC LOOP email:
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