As COVID-19 continues to disrupt how we have been gathering, we have continued to grow as a body. The attendance at our Sunday worship gathering has remained steady and has even increased. But with this increase, it has also been more difficult for some of the more cautious to be physically distant. Since meeting at the YMCA, we have only been using two courts for space. We continue to give thanks to God for continually providing ways for us to meet in person and specifically for having plenty of space at the YMCA. Last Sunday we decided to use all four gyms in order for people to properly distance as they wish. So for those who have maybe not been attending because it has been increasingly difficult to practice reasonable COVID-19 precautions, there is plenty of room to stretch out and still gather in person as the body of Christ.


We are declaring February 7th as a Sacrifice Sunday.  While we continue to request masks throughout our gatherings every Sunday, Sacrifice Sunday will be a particular time to focus to share the sacrificial love of Christ with those who are most vulnerable, so that they can come to our worship gathering, take communion, and experience the love of their church family as we worship together. It is our request that people not exempted under the Health Order who attend Sacrifice Sunday on February 7th would put aside our own preferences and joyfully wear a mask throughout the entire service – including while seated, while singing, and while listening to the sermon – as a sacrifice of love for the most vulnerable.


The purpose of DGs is to equip everyone in our church to have a part in coming alongside others to help them follow Jesus. DGs are groups of 2-4 people of the same gender who meet regularly (usually weekly or bi-weekly) to either discover Christ or grow in Christ. We read the Scriptures and solid Bible-saturated books, pray, and share in the joys and struggles of following Jesus together.
In order to help get people started making disciples, the KCC pastors have outlined various DG Pathways to help you get started by taking a first step on a lifelong journey of discipleship. These DG Pathways are recommendations of Bible books or topics to study together depending on who’s in the group. We recommend that you begin with The Gospel DG Pathway as a foundation for all other DG Pathways.

To view and download the Discipleship Group Pathways, simply click on the links below.



Gospel Life Groups (GLGs) are primary way of getting to know one another at a relational level. GLG’s consist of a group of people getting together for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. With COVID-19 restrictions, it is increasingly difficult to stay connected to people. To help facilitate connectivity, we have GLGs that meet in person and online. Each group meets in homes and decides how to best go about precautions. However, we do have GLGs that meet via Zoom for those who want to remain connected to people but are uncomfortable meeting in person. If you would like to meet in a GLG in person, just click on one of the top two buttons below. The bottom link is the actual Zoom address link for the online GLG that meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month @ 7pm.


In last Sunday’s sermon, Sam preached on Daniel 3 and the three Hebrew young men who were thrown into a fiery furnace for failing to bow down and worship an idol. Sam referenced the Equality Act and said he would send some resources for us to think biblically about this important document. Hopefully the resources below will help you better grasp what the Equality Act really is and how we as Christians should think about it.

The Equality Act Accelerates Anti-Christian Bias

by Andrew T. Walker

What to Know About the Equality Act

by Kenneth Craycraft

Outreach to Medical Workers

It has been increasingly difficult to do any kind of outreach at this time. But we still are called to love our neighbors and reach out to others with the gospel. It’s not impossible, just difficult. We have to be more intentional and creative. So a handful of people from KCC wanted to put together a simple way to express gratitude and extend the gospel to medical workers in the Defiance area. So we put together a care basket and took to some of the area medical facilities. Each basket encouraged workers to take a snack, an encouraging postcard, and a Liturgy for Medical Providers.



Chelsea McClellan – Her grandmother, Jeannine, passed away this week.

Garrett and Rachel Atkins – Rachel was induced this week and gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Adira Bethany. Please pray they get some rest and that Rachel recovers well from labor.

Lihn Pham – This is the wife of Victor Pham, our Commons neighbor and VIP Nails owner. On Christmas evening she had a double brain aneurysm. She has had multiple surgeries and is still in a coma. Pray that the Lord will wake her up from the coma, restore her to complete health, and strengthen Victor’s faith and reliance on Jesus.

If you need prayer for anything, we would love to pray for you. Click the button below and fill out the form and we will pray for you.


We understand skepticism about online giving, which is why we have an Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions page on our website that explains how it works. Here are a few ways to give :
  1. Give online by clicking on the “GIVE ONLINE” button which takes you to our secure transaction site.
  2. Text (888) 554-8664 to receive a link for you to give.
  3. Send your check or money order by mail, made out to King’s Cross Church, to the King’s Cross Church, 521 W. 2nd St., Defiance, OH 43512.
  4. Drop in giving box on Sundays at the Dam.


We know that with many businesses and services being shut down, people are losing jobs and struggling to pay their bills. If you are in need of help, we would like to know. We have a Compassion Fund for this reason. Fill out the film below as best you can and we will follow up with you.

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