Kid's Corner

We believe that teaching children on Sundays plants seeds in their hearts, but we also believe that real growth comes through intentional watering from parents and guardians. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the home so we not only invest in children on Sundays but seek to equip parents to spiritually nurture their children at home. This page is devoted to help parents better train up their children in God’s Word. This information can also be found in the “KID’S CORNER” on the back of the Sunday morning bulletin. Below is a brief explanation of resources we use in King’s Kids to encourage family worship as well as the schedule for keeping track of King’s Kids lessons.


The New City Catechism is a modern-day resource aimed at helping children and adults alike learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith in 52 questions and answers, one for each week of the year. You can use this free resource as a Web App or Mobile App. Each question and answer has the choice between a simplified children’s answer as well as a more in-depth adult answer, Scripture passage, short commentary, and a kid-friendly song as a fun way to learn these core truths of the Christian faith


Fighter Verses is a Scripture memory program to encourage believers to fight the fight of faith. Each week there is a Bible verse or passage to memorize. You can purchase physical card packs, download the free Fighter Verses bookmark, or purchase the Fighter Verses Mobile App for $2.99 (well worth the investment). We also use Fighter Verses as a church-wide Scripture memory plan.

Kid’s Corner Table Resources