Jesus Christ is the head of His church and is the true leader of KCC.  Jesus has called our local church together and there are various roles and responsibilities among us. Every member of Christ’s body has a vital role for the health of the whole (1 Corinthians 12:12).

The church has called Sam, Matt, Chad, Dean, Matt, and Jeremy to lead the church as pastors (aka elders).  The pastors are the spiritual shepherds of the church who are devoted to teaching, praying, and leading the direction of the church.

Their wives—Chelsea, Cassie, Beth, Jayne, Amelia, and Becca—seek to intentionally disciple the women of King’s Cross Church. They are involved in teaching, counseling, and praying for women and their families.

The deacons are recognized servant-leaders in the church devoted to particular areas of service according to the church’s need and individual gifting. Our deacons include Tim & Bert Shiarla, Jeff & Barbara Leatherman, Beth Baus, Phil & Robin Nofziger, Burdette & Jean Meyer, Garrett Atkins, and Seth & Keri Nofziger.

Elders (from left to right): Jeremy Rupp, Sam Andres, Matt Parks, Matt Verhoff, Chad Baus and Dean Andres.






Director of Ministry Operations


Tim & Bert Shiarla (Deacons of Benevolence)
Jeff & Barbara Leatherman (Deacons of Benevolence)
Beth Baus (Deacon of Care Ministry)
Phil & Robin Nofziger (Deacons of Outreach)
Burdette & Jean Meyer (Deacons of Sunday Hospitality)
Garrett Atkins (Staff Deacon)
Seth & Keri Nofziger (Deacons of Youth Discipleship)