Samuel Andres - February 2, 2020

Luke 5:33-6:11 - New Wine and the Lord of the Sabbath


Accusation #1: Jesus’ disciples aren’t serious enough about prayer and fasting. Lk 5:33 Explanation #1: It’s time to celebrate a whole new era, and you can’t just patch it into the old system. Accusation #2: Jesus’ disciples aren’t devout enough about resting on the Sabbath. Lk 6:1-2 Explanation #2: As the one who started the Sabbath, Jesus can interpret it’s true purpose. Lk 6:3-5 Accusation #3: Healing is work, so you better not do it on the Sabbath. Lk 6:6-7 Explanation #3: The Sabbath is about putting first things first. Lk 6:8-11

From Series: "Luke"

This sermon series covers The Gospel of Luke and is subtitled Good News for All People

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