Samuel Andres - July 10, 2022

God is All-Places (Omnipresent)

God Is

I. God is present in your mind. Ps. 139:1,4 II. God is present in your bed. Ps. 139:2 III. God is present all around you. Ps. 139:5-6 IV. God is present even when you want to run from Him. Ps. 139:7 V. God is present in heaven and in the grave. Ps. 139:8 VI. God is present in the depths of the sea. Ps. 139:9-10 VII. God was and is present in your darkness moments. Ps. 139:11-12 VIII. God was present with you before you were born. Ps. 139:13-15 IX. God will be present with with you when you die. Ps. 139:16 X. God thinks about you more than you can fathom. Ps. 139:17-18

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