Partnerships – not live

Our Networks

King’s Cross Church is living proof of the beauty that comes from churches collaborating for the kingdom of God. We got our start from two churches partnering together to initiate a church plant in Defiance in 2012. Those churches are Archbold Evangelical Church and Crossroads Evangelical Church in Wauseon.

Along with these two churches, KCC is part of a larger conference of churches called The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches. The vision of the FEC is to establish reproducing churches worldwide.

KCC is also a member of the Acts 29 church planting network.  Acts 29 is a diverse global family of church planting-churches. 

We’re far from being done, we’ve just begun.  We want to see our region, state, nation, and world saturated with gospel-centered churches.

Gospel Partnerships

By the grace of God and the generosity of his people, we have the joy of giving to various other gospel ministries locally and globally from our ministry budget. Here are a few ministries we regularly support in prayer and finances for the spread of the gospel.