Most of Jesus’ teaching on prayer can be summed up with the word, “Ask!” (Luke 11:9-10). King’s Cross Church believes in the power of God that flows through prayer.  It is our God-given avenue to thank Him, praise Him, and ask Him to move in power in our church, our community, and in our world. The Prayer Open House is one way we seek to  prioritize prayer in our church.  “Open House” means come and go as you are able This time is led by the church leaders and is open to anyone who would like to gather to seek the face the LORD and pray for the needs of the church both locally and globally.

We would love to pray for you in person.  Asking for prayer is an act of reliance upon God that He loves.  If you’re suffering, pray. If you’re cheerful, pray. If you’re sick, ask the elders of the church to pray for you.  The prayers of God’s people have great power.  (James 5:13-16).

Join us from 9:15am-10:00am every Sunday morning in the Green Room behind the stage.

You can submit a prayer need online as well by filling out the below form. The elders of King’s Cross will be happy to pray for your need.

Prayer Need Form

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