The Plan to Gather Outside

Until the Lord provides an option for us to meet indoors the plan is to gather together outside, in the theater of God’s glory!


Independence Dam State Park at the Clevenger shelter house, which is about half-way into the park. Just keep driving and you won’t miss us.  We are doing this with the enthusiastic approval of the park manager. 


9:30am this Sunday.


There are three options for joining us on Sundays. 

  1. Sit in the yard at Independence Dam. Bring your own lawn chairs and blankets. 
  2. Park your car in the Independence Dam Parking lot and listen through FM radio.  
  3. Watch a live video stream of the service on Facebook Live. 

What safety measures will we take? We have varying levels of concern about the spread of COVID-19 in our church body so out of love for the vulnerable and those who are concerned we need to be in this together.  We will…

What about child care? If you bring children you are in charge of their care and physical distancing measures.  Until further notice, we will not have King’s Kids or nursery care.  Bring quiet toys and coloring pages for the kids.  The church will provide a kid’s packet including sermon notes pages, coloring pages, pipe cleaners and crayons.  We all know kids make noise and can be disruptive. It will happen. It will be okay. We will extend grace to one another.  In light of having no childcare, we are going to try to shorten the sermon and service as a whole. 

What about seating?  Attendees are expected to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets. The church will not provide seating. 

What about bathrooms? Independence Dam State Park has two porta-johns.  One is within a short walk and the other is a short drive away.  The closer porta-john will be cleaned beforehand and KCC will provide a handwashing station outside of it. Proper handwashing is expected from everyone, especially when using restrooms.

What about the weather? If rain, wind, or flooding is an issue the leaders will make the decision to cancel by 8:00am on Sunday morning and that will be announced through mass text, email, and Facebook. If we cancel the outdoor gathering because of weather we will still gather online via Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube live.