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Samuel Andres - June 4, 2023

How Not to Comfort One Another

I. Eliphaz - “You reap what you sow, bro.” | II. Bildad - “How can a maggot claim to be right before a righteous God?” | III. Zophar - “You probably deserve to suffer worse than this.”

Scripture References: Job 4-27:23

From Series: "Job: Grappling with God through Grief"

The book of Job teaches God's people how to grapple with God through grief, and to become wise in the unknowns of pain and loss that we will all deal with in life.

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Samuel Andres - March 8, 2020

Luke 6:37-42 - Judging Our Own Judgmentalism


Main Idea: Jesus is dismissing judgmentalism, not discernment. I. Do away with a judgmental disposition, Lk 6:37 II. Why do away with judgmentalism? 1. We want God’s generosity, not His judgment, Lk 6:38 2. We all have blind spots, Lk 6:39 3. We want to be like our Teacher, Lk 6:40 III. Do away with judgmentalism, not discernment, Lk 6:41-44

From Series: "Luke"

This sermon series covers The Gospel of Luke and is subtitled Good News for All People

More Messages Associated With "Judging"...

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