Thanks for worshiping together with us! Since we cannot physically meet together, this Worship Guide will help us virtually worship together as a church family. We encourage you to gather around a computer, TV, or phone and participate.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 10:30am – Welcome, Church Family Updates, Call to Worship
  • 10:40am – Worship through Song at home using the YouTube videos
  • 11:00am – Sermon
  • 11:30am – Congregational Prayer and Sending to Zoom Gatherings
  • 11:35am – Zoom Gatherings with your Gospel Life Group

Let’s worship together!

Click the button to join the Facebook Livestream (Facebook account not required)

Call to Worship

Bible verse

Worship Through Song

Just play each video and sing along with your family.


Luke 8:22-25 – Samuel Andres

Congregational Prayer

Samuel Andres


Give Online, or send checks to the KCC office. Please don’t give up on giving to the church in this crisis. KCC will continue to give outside ourselves to our various missions, and your pastors are working hard to care for your soul. Thanks!

Zoom Meetings

If you’re a part of a Gospel Life Group (GLG) then click on the appropriate link below to take you to your group’s online gathering. If you’re visiting with us, we would love to meet you over video chat. Feel free to Facebook message us on our King’s Cross Church Facebook page and we’ll reach out to you and set up a time to Facebook video chat with you.